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I've tested it on several q2a versions and the error continues. It started after I migrated my website with the database to a new server, this error happens when I activate the option to send emails via smtp

Question2Answer fatal error: Could not send reset password email Stack trace: require() in index.php:27 require() in qa-index.php:183 qa_get_request_content() in qa-page.php:827 qa_call_override() in qa-page.php:194 qa_call() in qa-base.php:671 qa_get_request_content_override_3_in_qa_sig_overrides_php() in qa-base.php:619 qa_get_request_content_override_2_in_qa_cv_overrides_php() in qa-base.php(595) : eval()'d code:11 qa_get_request_content_override_1_in_qa_poll_overrides_php() in qa-base.php(595) : eval()'d code:9 qa_get_request_content_base() in qa-base.php(595) : eval()'d code:12 qa_call() in qa-base.php(669) : eval()'d code:1 qa_get_request_content() in qa-base.php:619 require() in qa-page.php:203 qa_start_reset_user() in forgot.php:71

AFAICS the functions qa_get_request_content_override_3_in_qa_sig_overrides_php() and qa_get_request_content_override_2_in_qa_cv_overrides_php() don't appear anywhere in the code of Q2A 1.8.4 or above. What version(s) did you try this with, and what plugins do you have installed? Did you try with all non-essential plugins disabled/removed?

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