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BuddyPress version 2.1 is out and there is no word about BuddyPress Integration plugin for years.

Has anyone tried updating it ?

Is it safe to update to BuddyPress version 2.1?


No issues reported yet. But we are using BuddyPress 2.0.2
Hmmm. No issues of what ?

I asked if 2.1 works fine and you say that everything is ok in 2.0.2. Yes, thats why I asked about 2.1 :)

Are you on WordPress 4.0 and that is working well ?
I am currently using BuddyPress 2.0.2 and I edited some of its core file that's why I am not updating to BuddyPress 2.1. WordPress 4.0 is working well for me

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