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Spam is increasing on my site and then is no way to stop it at the moment. But till we find a way can we have a method to delete the useless user account by deleting those accounts which have not confirmed their email even after a month from registration.
I know that this method will only work for those sites which have enabled necessary email confirmation option for users. But this can actually help admins a lot.
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I thought this is already part of the script, like if a user does not verify their email after certain days (maybe 30 days)script deletes that account....

Am I wrong????

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Just to clarify. This feature has not been implemented (yet?). Features that get fired by a time event, such as this one, or getting a daily email with the summary of the day's questions or receiving a reminder that your password is about to expire, etc rely on a piece of software that is called CRON (in the Linux world).

This tool, is an application that fires programs, scripts, whatever, at specified intervals. In order for a program to fired by Cron you need to configure it in such a way that Cron knows where the program is. If you are using a hosting service it is them the ones that can (sometimes for a fee) provide a user interface for you to configure it.

Then, the program itself, must be developed in such a way that allows Cron to fire it, taking the necessary security measures.

So it is clear that not many users would know how to setup this feature even if it existed. Not to mention that it will depend on Cron access and, as far as I know, no current feature depends on anything in Q2A.

I don't really know if this will be implemented (and heavily documented) in the future but I'm pretty sure it will not be present in 1.7.
This "bulk user deletion and user database filteration based on non confirmed users would be needed" is so needed
I think bulk delete option with checkboxes good idea...
Also having a system triggered unconfirmed account deletion is good idea too...

Like famous boards IPB, Vbulletin are giving option to admin to set a date to delete an account if they do not confirm their email. It is a system triggered process...
@trushonlytrush are you talking about http://www.invisionpower.com?
SO how was it when you compared it with this q2a?
Dude, we are not comparing scripts, just an example of deleting unverrified USER feature... Get it????
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Here, I am going to share a best way to solve this problem using database.

Click here to watch this video to remove or delete spam users from q2a.

I can not found 'user prefix ' in database of  q2a 1.8.3 version. So please solve this...
In this video it will delete all users, not those who have not confirmed their email.