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I tried to add a post on my q2a site. But Unfortuantely showing an error message " A maximum of 4 tags are allowed ".But I added only three tags , that is " joomla2.5  joomla3.0  joomla3.1 ". But when submit button clicks showing the error and the tag input box showing the tag values in-correct order " joomla2 5 joomla3 0 1 ". I thought the points on tags made this issue. How can I overcome from this issue. Please help me as soon as possible


Q2A version: version 1.6.3

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If you want to use that type of words (containing a dot ".") inside the tags you can modify your settings :

Admin ---> Posting

and select the option "Use comma as the only tag separator"

Using comma "," as the only tag separator you'll be able to create those tags typing inside the "Tags" field :

joomla2.5, joomla3.0, joomla3.1
@maxjtechno : thanks