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I am submitting questions with tags from an external site to myq2a site through following form which operated perfectly until 1.3 beta. Now the tags do not more show up.

My form:


<form method="post" action="http://www.mysite.com/ask/">
<textarea name="title" rows="3" cols="100"onfocus="this.value=''; this.style.color='#000000'; this.onfocus=null;" >...Please enter Your question here...
<input  type="text" value="this is my tag" id="tags" name="tags" />
<input name="doask1" title="" value="Send" onmouseout="this.className=\'qa-form-tall-button-bbb qa-form-tall-button-ask-bbb\';" onmouseover="this.className=\'qa-form-tall-hover-bbb qa-form-tall-hover-ask-bbb\';" class="qa-form-tall-button-bbb qa-form-tall-button-ask-bbb" type="submit" />
What could be the problem ?
Example on a test page:

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Some of the logic was changed round. You should be able to fix this by moving this line in qa-page-ask.php:


Back to be underneath this line which is just above:


I'll try to do this anyway in the final 1.3 release.

Thank You, now it works again !

As well I would ask You to take in mind for future releases to have the possibility to prefill form fields open. This is a very nice way to integrate q2a with existing websites, Once (if) subcategories exist, it would be as well nice to have the possibility to prefill them..

( Example: I am using q2a here as a regional qa site, where from different regional websites the questions come in with prefilled tags. On the long run I hope to establish a regional qa site with the questionform on foreign websites as well.)