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A small engineering firm receives lots of questions about its products and how to do certain jobs. Would this product allow other engineers answer many of the questions and so relieve the company of some of the pressure?

Does anybody use this as a self help solution?

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I'm planning to use Q2A for support for my small company.

To do so, I am:

1) Using the Proxy SSO Plugin so my users don't have to learn a new sign-in and password.

2) Modifying Q2A so my support staff will automatically get an email for each new question, answer and comment. The other way to monitor the site would be to use Q2A's RSS feed.

The usual idea of a "self-help" site and the newer idea of a "crowd-source" site really depends on the nature of your customers. In my case, I'm hopeful that it will work out. We'll see.....
I think it will work fine for a help site. Another advantage is that your users will build up your FAQs for you, and you will have a good knowledge base for the future.