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Im trying to install Q2A on my pc with latest version of XAMPP.

already solved the "deprecated mysql" error by downloading the new file on the site.

when going to http://localhost/qa  for install, shows error:


A Question2Answer database query failed when generating this page.
A full description of the failure is available in the web server's error log file.



And the log:

[23-Oct-2014 04:31:15 Europe/Berlin] PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1146: Table 'qa.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: (SELECT 'options' AS selectkey, title, content FROM qa_options) UNION ALL (SELECT 'time', 'db_time', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()))



so it says the table doesn't exist. is there a way to manually create the database ?

please help me :)



Q2A version: latest downloaded today
Some information below will be necessary for investigation.
1. XAMPP version
2. PHP version
3. MySQL version
4. Q2A version
Xampp 1.8.3
PHP 5.5.15
MySQL 5.6.20
Q2A 1.6.3

can you send me the blank starter database ?

thanks in advance.
Certainly, latest XAMPP at the present time is 1.8.3. And PHP version of this XAMPP is V5.5.x. It may be a little too new as environment to move Q2A V1.6.3.
Refer to below page.

Q2A V1.7 is still in development. Since Q2A V1.7 is should not be used yet, therefore, your choice of Q2A V1.6.3 is correct.

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already solved the "deprecated mysql" error by downloading the new file on the site.

I'm concerned about what exactly you've downloaded because you said the new file. Try to keep 1.6.3 or 1.7alpha1 but mixing them will always be more risky.

when going to http://localhost/qa  for install, shows error

If you see an error about your qa_options table then you have previously installed Q2A and broke the installation.

It is extremely awkard the fact that you don't have a qa_options table. Not having that table means you have no configuration in your site and nothing at all will ever work. Finding the cause of that would be important. However, considering the fact that you've messed with core files then finding the solution to an issue that you might have generated yourself won't help others.

So let's make it simple: you don't care about any existing data in your installation but you do care about not being displayed the deprecated warning, right? Then just drop the database from phpmyadmin, workbench or whaterver tool you're using and create it again. Download the 1.7alpha1 files from the dev branch in github and proceed with the installation pointing at the new database. This is by far the easiest way to regenerate the schema.

That should be bullet proof but will, of course, tie you to an alpha (almost beta) release for a while.

Re "new file" - I think they are referring to this: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/31093/q2a-switch-to-mysqli-beta-available
The qa-db.php file from the dev branch was a drop-in replacement (and still should be fine as I think I haven't modified it since).
that's right.
i'll try to start all over.

thanks all of you. :)