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Hello All , 

Developed a new free plugin using which a logged in user can send invites to others . 

Hope you will like it . 

Here is the screenshot . 

Whats new in 1.2

  1. Added captcha support 
  2. Added German language support

Download this plugin from Store -  http://q2astore.com/product/send-invites-free/

Also I have developed another plugin . Take a look here - Anonymous Question Posting - Feature Like Quora in Q2A now 

Thanks for your Love and Support 

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Sidenote: Are there any antispam measures? Captcha? Or a tracker what IP sends how many emails? Otherwise someone could write a script that uses this plugin to send out mass emails.
Thanks for the info . Unfortunately there are no antispam measures . But this plugin works only for loggedin users . But still I also feel to add a captcha module to it to make it more robust . Will add in upcoming versions .
I think this plugin is very dangerous at this state. Plugin will provide feature to spam users to exploit Q2A site as spam mail server. As result (in the worst case), server may freeze. You should stop distribution. And release again after adding defense feature.
1) Limit the number of recipient_addr
2) Limit users to use this feature in the user's level or point
etc ...
yah these things are necessary to be added . I will add in next versions .

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Thanks, good job

you are welcome .. Enjoy
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Very nice plugin and just on the right time bro. There was a very big need for a functionality to invite people and that too not just by the admin but by all of them who come on our q2a sites. Hope you extend its capabilities soon and we have a new wonderful feature on our Q2A sites.

Great job brother. :)
Thanks bro .. Enjoy .. :)