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I'm building a website, and would like to have a Q & A section, as does www.question2answer.org.
Give me a clue how to do this, for example:


www.mysite.com                           (static home page)
www.mysite.com/features.php   (static page)
www.mysite.com/news/1.php     (dinamic page)
www.mysite.com/qa                      (q2a home page)

Where should I install Q2A in my domain structure?
How do I edit .htaccess?

Thanks in advance.

Q2A version: 1.7

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Install WordPress in HomePage. Install(or Integrate) Q2A in a directory('qa' in your example). you can show blog posts under 'news' and pages as static content.

note that Q2A uses php files to show static content, not WP.

Thanks for your answer, but do not use WordPress. My website is already built independently, with no content control system. What I want is to add Q2A to my existing website.
Just create another folder inside your home directory . Place all the q2a files inside there . Do proper configuration and do a installation . It should work fine .
I test. Was easy. Now I'm embarrassed by what my basic question. Thanks.
Enjoy ... :) . Good Luck