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I want to use Q2A for community portal where we would use the word post than question. Is there any way I can simply replace the word Question with word post?

Of course I want this to be preserved when upgrading Q2A.

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Follow these steps:

1. Copy all qa-include/qa-lang-*.php files and paste them into qa-lang/custom directory (create it if it doesn't exist)

2. Use a text editor to open each file and replace the word question with post

Just make sure not to delete the qa-lang/custom directory when upgrading.

What does it mean if qa-lang/custom is being used? So if 'qa-lang/custom' existst it is being used? Can I still used different language versions if 'qa-lang/custom' is used?
If the directory exists, then it is used. The instructions above actually are for English language (I assumed that because you said "question" => "post"). Anyway, you can use any other language files (EG: Spanish ones https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-spanish-translation) and copy/paste those ones.

Take a look at this: http://www.question2answer.org/translate.php . It is more detailed than my answer
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How about my simple plugin? This is not intelligent.

Lang Filter

How would it work?
Experience is the best teacher.
In the plugin text are write.
Question == Post
And this will change every word "Question" to "Post". For the rest, sama55 is right... Experience is the best teacher.