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i am working on Stackoverflow like theme from last 15 days and i am almost done now my website totally looks like stackoverflow - (some bit points diff due to q2a script)

now i want to know can stackexchange case me if i published that website. please tell me i need this
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What's the difference between this script and stackoverflow. As long as you did not copy all there html tag you are good to go. What you are doing is called clone. I don't see any problem with that.

For example: facebook has lots of clones, and it's one of the biggest websites. Same with youtube.

Here is one of the stackoverflow clone http://shapado.com/.

You can always share your theme here. People will need it.

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This is the most easiest way to develop quickly is by copy someone design and put in market to sell. They always have excuses with GPL. But I am strongly against this. I found here also few theme designers just copy popular theme design and tweak a bit add few new option and put in market. Using for personal use is different.

Same way copying stackoverflow design will may gives you some bucks but I believe if they have site design under CC license than they can go against your design. I believe which can be possible. After all they are very popular and your design also can grab attention of them.

Good Luck..