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I am familiar with using Google Code Prettify on a previous website but I am struggling to get my head around implementing code highlighting on Q2A. I guess there are 2 parts to it, one editing and highlighting it in the editor and then highlighting it in the listings.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good working set up which is well documented that I can implement.
Q2A version: 1.7

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+1 I am releasing Syntaxhighlighter plugin in my forum (Required registration). This plugin will be used in conjunction with Code Editor (PBCKCode) plugin of CKEditor. I confirmed that it moves correctly with SyntaxHighlighter. But, I did not test with Google Code Prettify (GCP).

However, in page of Code Editor (PBCKCode) plugin, it seems that Code Editor is compatible with GCP. Therefore, it might work by remodeling my Syntaxhighliter plugin. Let's challenge !

PBCKCode works with more than 40 languages and is fully compatible with several syntax highlighters like Google Code Prettify or SyntaxHighlighter.

Have you code the code editor working? I cant even get that to work. I am also using PBCKCode as his description on his website are really good but even so I am not getting the button on the toolbar or any of it working. Do you have any tips for getting the editor working?
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There are ready made editors and code highlighters . 

Q2A Express Editor -- Embaded with WISWIG Code editors 

Q2A Code Prettify -- Uses Google Code Highlight 

Q2A Syntax Highlighter -- Uses highlight.js 


Hope these things will help you .