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I want to know if it is unwise to give access to your server to someone else(like developers here)?

If I want to hire a person for customizing my q2a forume then should I give access to my server to him?

How can I trust?

1 ) Check The Validity Of The Website (The Company)
2 ) Download A Full Back up From Your Server

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You need to create a demo or test site with same database and then give them access to this.

You really don't wont to give access to anyone on live site.
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If you can handle all the infrastructure on your own, for example, setting up the database, installing the OS and any software packages needed by your app then there is no need to give anyone access. In fact, I would suspect if someone requests it. If you can't handle the infrastructure 100% on your own then it makes sense for someone to do it for you (or to guide you, at least).

From a developer point of view, when I work on a custom plugin I always setup a demo server on my own so that we avoid these kind of issues.