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Im using the 1.3 version at my website and everything is okie. But have a litle thing i need your help.

Becase my site local at Vietname so i want to separate tags by comma instead of separate by hypens.

For example, now the 1.3 get the tags :

if you have a questions =>we  have 5 tags  1.if  2.you  3.have  4.a   5.question

But in my website i want :

hà nội, đi chơi, đi ăn => we have 3 tags : 1.hà nội   2.đi chơi  3. đi ăn


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You'll need to modify the code that extracts individual tags from the string of tags entered. Look for qa_tags_to_tagstring(...) in the code base, in two places. It uses qa_string_to_words(...) to convert the entered string into an array of individual words. You could make a copy of that function that doesn't consider space as a word separator, and substitute in that copy in those two places. Warning: Don't modify the original qa_string_to_words(...) since it's used for many other things!