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After update to 1.7.0 I cannot see any editor button.

Right after update, I coudn't see a textform at all. After adding a line in qa-wysiwyg-editor.php  as said on http://www.question2answer.org/qa/43027/many-wysiwyg-ckeditor-plugins-no-longer-compatible-with-qa , I can see the textarea but there is no button on it.


Q2A version: 1.7.0

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That's probabely because you have now introduced errors i nyour qa-wysiwyg-editor.php file.

I did that and worked for me

plus in the new (dev) version that can be downloaded from here:https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/tree/dev

you no longer have to modify the php files(qa-wysiwyg-editor.php) everything can be done inside the config.js

Now for rfurther help please dump here the lines from your php file that you modified so we can help



Thanks. I have replaced the qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor folder with the one from the dev version and now I can see the textarea without any further modification in the code. Anyway, I still do not see the editor toolbar.

I'm not comfortable using a dev version, that's why I didn't replace every folder of qa, plus I don't know if that will solve the "no toolbar" issue.

Edit: I've found that the textarea is shown only if you reload the page from the browser. On the first page load, the textarea is not shown. (you cannot write an answer or a comment)