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In next few days I'm going to publish a Q2A theme which I created about a year ago as a free time project, check it here:


I'm going to publish it after making it compatible with Q2A 1.7. it will be Free & open source.

it already has this features:

  • Drag & Drop image uploader
  • default question list layout 2 new layouts(masonry and grid list which user can choose from)
  • User can create New Categories in front-end when asking question
  • Icons, title and description for categories
  • Question Excerpt(available via a new field or question content)
  • Responsive with Bootstrap
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Sharing buttons with "share counter"
  • Language Package for using as a site for sharing Tips & Tricks

If you have any ideas or suggestions or you want to test the theme and send me feedback, It would be a big help.

Best Regards, Towhid


Q2A version: 1.7

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check out project's Github page or it's introduction and list of new features.

Thanks for all your support.

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Wow, this theme is cool. Man you are releasing some of the best themes in Q2A. No doubt this theme is way better then what we are used to in q2a. Great Work... :)
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  • Drag & Drop image uploader --->  Yess!!
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Please also create rtl version for arabic and persian sites.

Thank you
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Wow... Image drag and drop alone makes this potentially special and there is more besides! I can't wait!!
I'm planning to publish a plugin which offers this feature too.
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Great Theme !   

Feature advice :  Is there a way you can ad "Signature Option" for every answer. It is very important when answering questions to showcase the user's credentials and background or add a disclaimer.  There was a signature plugin that was created long time by NoahY, but it does not updated in few years and not compatible.
I agree, it is a very good idea. a plugin which lets user have a general signature, and additionally will be able to create signature for categories which will showcase it's specialties in that specific subject.
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great work. All i can say is that i cant wait for the release date.

Good work done!