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Very strictly speaking there aren't versions of the SnowFlat theme as there is only one. Jatin worked on the original theme named FlatBox. Then that theme was merged into the Q2A 1.7 release. The thing is that since the FlatBox release and up to the one released with Q2A 1.7 a lot of changes have been made to the FlatBox theme. It even got renamed to SnowFlat. Now, it is possible that the themes look and behave differently but, in most cases, they will be very similar. Note that the more time it passes the more different they'll be.

Having said that, asking to make SnowFlat more Q2A 1.7 compatible, doesn't make much sense :) It is released with Q2A 1.7 and it works pretty well. There are minor CSS issues related to low resolution devices. If you are experiencing issues, you should try a pluginless Q2A distribution with the SnowFlat theme released with Q2A 1.7 (which is the one you've linked). If you still face any issues there, then you should either ask here or create an issue in the GitHub repo.