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Hi there,

I am thinking of migrating for another piece of software, but I have hit one major snag: I must be able to make it so that nobody who asks a question will have their ID made public.  Ever.  It is fine if the admins can see the username, but nobody else.  The reson for this is the extremely personal nature of the questions that have already been asked, which I will be migrating to the q2a.

I am not yet familiar with the internal workings of this package, but my initial thought was to find a place, if there is one, in the base includes and simply set (please excuse made up variables:)

$user_name_for_question = 'Your privacy is important';

Or something along those lines.  I really like the software, and want to give it a go, but this one thing is holding me up.

Thank you!
Q2A version: 1.7

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Hi ,

My Anonymous Questions Posting plugin will do this job - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/41157/anonymous-question-posting-feature-like-quora-in-q2a-now .

This provides a way to hide the username of the question poster .

Have a look at it . If any questions let me know . Thanks
Hi there, and thank you.  I looked at your plugin, but it doesn't do what I am looking for.

If you can make it so that all users who ask a question can never, even accidentally, have their username shown, then I would be interested in your solution.  Maybe add a feature to the plugin that makes it so that username are NEVER shown for any reason, anyplace and can't be toggled by accident like they can now in your plugin, and I would be very interested.

I don't mean to be so insistant on this, but if you understood the site I am trying to transfer over, you would understand.  Some people would commit suicide if their id's were made public.  :-(

Thank you, very much.