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This feature can be in every user's profile, where he/she can enable this. If the enable this then they won't receive any emails related to themselves for the time they are on site.

Means if the user is on site and someone answers his question then he'll not receive any email.

It would also be very good if this feature is given in ever user's hands, by placing this as an option in user profile.

What's your ideas on this??

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+1 Basically, it is good. However, it is applied only if you are notifying with any other notification on the screen. In the case of my NP, because users can see same notice on the notification marker and window on the page, NP does not send same notification email in this case (when user confirmed with online notification box). NP users will not be aware of this process. However, the problem that email is not sent has not been reported.

Yes you are right @sama, if this feature needs to be implemented then we need a solid notification system on the site to actually tell the user what activity related to him has taken place.
And its good that the problem has not been reported because this can be taken as an another feature of your plugin. :)