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Is there any way we can use sidebar box to show up only on specific pages and not site-wide? Also it'd be a nice feature if it is added to the admin panel as an option to let the admin decide which pages to show the sidebar box at.

Also, how can I get the website to greet the people by their "Name" instead of username that it does on the top-right corner.. "Hello xyz" .. I'd want Hello Fullname instead.

Kindly help :-)

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You can use an advanced theme to override the sidebar() function in your qa-theme.php file. Check $this->template is one of the values you want, in which case call qa_html_theme_base::sidebar() to reproduce the default behavior.

As for greeting people by name, that's a little more tricky, since it requires an additional database query. Override the logged_in() function in your theme, and pull it out of the qa_userprofile table in the database.