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Caching is on the list to implement in the future, but it's very complex to get right.

If a user is logged in then caching is not possible - every user could have different permissions and therefore different menu options and buttons under the question/answers/comments.

If users are logged out then caching is sometimes possible, but this also depends on what plugins are installed. Any plugin that does any processing or outputs different content based on the visitor (e.g. their IP) cannot be cached.
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As Scott is saying, simple (Page-by-page basis) cache logic would be difficult in system where data changes frequently such as Q2A. However, I think cache would be possible. That's just not yet been developed. In fact, there is a theme that has achieved partial cache. Q2A core is very fast. However, theme degrades the performance of the Q2A. Many developers know that. In short, there is a need for logic to finely control the data that can not be and can be cached data. Moreover, it may also be cached by using the time difference. Anyway, it is necessary to advanced skill. Only Gideon might be able to develop feature as Q2A core.
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Backend-Caching is now implemented in q2a 1.8.0 - read here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/59598/to-what-extent-the-caching-is-effective