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So as i was started new q2a site (more for testing purposes) i didn't expect for spammers to discover it so i didn't set any captchas. However few days later i received about 2000 registrations and 500 questions (deleted with mysql).

My question: is possible to add settings:

  • "Rate limit for user registrations: per hour" (not ip, but overall site registrations becouse each spam registration uses different IP's) For example for new site 10 registrations per hour is lot so i can limit that value.
  • Same with "Maximum questions per hour". Add setting "Overall site maximum questions per hour"

IP adresses is just doesn't matter in bot spam world so "limits" section of q2a settings is just not very effective dealing with non-human spammers.

I think this would be good feature or plugin as some developers just don't setup captchas until spam storm happens ! Would decrease hasle when dealing/deleting spam.

Thinking beyond this feature... administrator should be notified by mail if site receives unusual frequency of activity.

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I think all of those would be doable with filter plugins. In the "filter_profile" function, check how many signups there were in the past hour and return errors or send emails if there were too many.