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I dont know what is the benefit of question no in the question url.


question no: /14/

I would like to remove the question no from url, can you please help me. thanks.

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I understand why you might want to do this, but I'm afraid it's not possible to remove the question number. This is how Q2A identifies the page request, and the rest of the URL is there for search engines.

In theory the question could be identified based on the text only, but there are so many possible ways for this to go wrong (duplicate questions, some questions are shortened for the URL, non-English characters, URLs getting cut off in emails) that it wouldn't be a reliable solution.
I understood now, its okay....Thanks!
Can i put the number at the end ?

You can put the number on the end by modifying the last line of function qa_q_request(...) in qa-base.php, and making a corresponding change to the routing logic in qa-index.php (will be file qa-page.php in the next version) near where it defines the variable $pass_questionid.

But I don't recommend doing this - one of the reasons to put the number at the start is that long URLs can get broken up in email messages, and if you put the number at the end, this means it can get lost completely.