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Is it possible to use cleanstrap theme along with other themes? I'm using theme-switcher plugin which enables users to switch themes, but cleanstrap theme doesn't seem to allow this.
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yes, cleanstrap doesn't have a core plugin and doesn't have any plugin dependencies. you can use it with other themes.
Hi, but my problem is once a user choose cleanstrap theme, he is not able to go back to any other theme. Is this normal?
this is not true. you can remove cleanstrap like any other theme although there will be some meta data(thumbnail info, widget options, ...) left in database which are harmless and can be useful if you use cleanstrap later.
Sorry. I guess you got my question wrong. By user I was referring to a normal user (not the site admin). Normally he would use the theme switcher plugin to switch theme. Is there anyway I can get this plugin work with cleanstrap?
I don't see any problems in doing so. just set cleanstrap as default theme and configure widgets and themes options. then switch back to your default theme.