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Does Question2Answer use SHA1 or MD5 for password encryption? Also, are the passwords stored in the row "passsalt"?

I need to know this for integrating wordpress with question2answer.

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See qa-db-users.php, it is SHA1. Here is the exact code:

sha1(substr($salt, 0, 8).$password.substr($salt, 8));

The passsalt field in the database is the password salt (a random character string stored with each password). And passcheck is the actual encrypted password generated via the code above.

if any is interested the password (passcheck) is stored as binary and needs to be converted to hex -hex function in mysql.
A more updated answer can be found here fro version of Q2A above v1.8: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/30100/how-to-change-a-user-password-from-the-database

Get the password from PHP : echo password_hash('new_pass', 1);
Then update passhash