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Q2A Social Sharing v1.6.1 Amiya Sahu  (get v1.6.3)

As you see I have 1.6.1 and showing 1.6.3 then I click on 1.6.3 and download and update the plugin then still getting that line Q2A Social Sharing v1.6.1 Amiya Sahu  (get v1.6.3) showing 1.6.1 installed not 1.6.3

I am on 1.7.1

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Sorry I have missed to update metadata.json file with correct version number and had only updated qa-plugin.php file .

I have fixed it now , you can download the latest and use . Let me know if you still have any issues .


I have just downloaded and still the file showing 1.6.1
never mind a second after i had the right file, maybe it was a github problem