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Please, tell how to unlink title H1 in question full page with answers? When you go to question's full page, H1 question title links itself. I'd to unlink it. Please, tell where I need to edit? Thank you.
Q2A version: 1.7.2

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Don't know why you want to do that, since it's pretty standard practice on most websites.

However you can do it. If you have a custom theme you should override the title() function. Copy the function from qa-theme-base.php and change

$url = isset($q_view['url']) ? $q_view['url'] : false;


$url = false;

Alternatively, you can edit qa-theme-base.php directly and change that line.

Hello! I tried both variants, but in both cases, H1 title links to itself.
By the way, I use SnowFlat theme.
As I see, this theme uses above first code. I uncommented it and added the second code. Now H1 title is unlinked. Thank you very much, Scott.