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I was a member of a site where users can share opinions, it was a huge site with very large number of users but suddenly they closed the website. So, I started my own site(s) for the community using Dolphin CMS, Oxwall and others. But people don't like them much and everyone left.

Recently I just started a site using the Q2A CMS and invited some members whom I can still communicate and now they really like it. Everyone said this site is the better alternative. If I had knew this CMS before then I will have more members than now since most are gone and joined other sites.

Now the only problem I got is that there is 'no blocking' option for the private messages and can anyone help us?
What do you mean blocking provide message? of course each user can deactivate this option
@Waterfr Villa actually he want users to block the users whom they do not want to talk (in terms of message). And he also wants that only those users to message each other who follow each other (as I can see in the link below).

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