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I'm trying to write a private message page so user can communicate each other. In compose form, I'd like to use WYSIWYG Editor. But I dont know how to use qa_get_post_content to get content from editor.

I was able to load WYSIWYG Editor on form but i dont know whether i did it in right way. So, It's appriciated if you also show me how to use qa_load_editor.

Here are my current code:

In compose form:

$editor = qa_load_editor(null, 'html', $editorname);

tks a lot.

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This is a pretty involved question, so my best recommendation is to look at how the editor is used in qa-page-ask.php.

Thanks Gidgreen. I got it.
Now I already finished private messaging function for my QA site so that user can communicate each other if needed. I'd like to share code to everybody  but it is a mess of code so if you have time to review it, I'll send you first. Then, if it is understandable, I'll share.

You can register an account at http://qa.tenkana.vn to see how it works. once you log-in you can see MY MAIL beside MY COUNT at right -up corner.
Actually, I have just started working with q2a but I really enjoy. lol!!!