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There are many LTR element in the RTL version

How to resolve the following issues in the RTL version and make its RTL







Q2A version: 1.7.3

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For the login boxes, I was informed previously that they should be kept as LTR. I don't remember the exact reason, maybe something to do with browser compatibility. If you think that's wrong, please let me know.

Here's one example, Waterfr says login boxes should be LTR.

I'll look at fixing the pagination when I can. If you're able to provide a pull request on Github that would be much appreciated.

THat's right because we don't enter emails in any language other than English which is LTR. the login boxes being RTL was annoying that i received at least 2-3 complaints from my users.
As for pagination, i won't consider it as any issue. I have 4k users in my website and not a single one complained about pagination being from left to right.