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I've previously posted here about integrating with Joomla. My previous posts have gone some way toward a solution, but I have now done more work on this, and have a much more complete solution.

The solution comes in the form of a Joomla extension, which you can download from here: https://github.com/SFWLtd/plg_q2a_integration. This extension includes a Q2A single-sign-on file, which links directly into the Joomla extension to check user permissions.

(I've also submitted the extension to the Joomla Extensions Directory, though it is currently still pending acceptance there, so no link yet)

This solution is now in use on a live site to provide a private-access Q&A board, and it is working well. If anyone else wants to use it, please download it from the Github link above and follow the installation instructions.

I would like to make one further point, however: I feel this integration would be even better if Q2A could link to it automatically. Q2A already has Wordpress integration by setting a flag in the config file; a similar flag for Joomla could be added to tell Q2A to look for this Joomla extension. Would the Q2A developers be prepared to accept such a patch if I submitted it via github? Thanks.
How much time did it take you to integrate joomla?
Hi Miranda. Including time working out how to do it and experimenting with different solutions, it probably added up a week or two's work or more. (there was a gap of four months between my original solution and me finally publishing the complete Joomla plugin, but obviously it wasn't the only thing I was doing in all that time!). But now that I've got it done I can set it up the integration on a new site in a matter of minutes.

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Excellent job.

I tried plugin but my visitor cann't  views questions.

I have next configure plugin

I want my visitor can views question when they click in link of principal menu joomla.

Sorry I don't speak english.

Hi. Your config looks correct.

It is possible that there is a bug in the permissions for Public access.

My own usage of the plugin has been with the config set so that only Registered users are allowed to see or answer the questions, so I have not tested Public access so much.

If you think you have found a bug in the plugin, please submit a ticket on the Github page. I will try to help if I have enough time. I may also need admin access on your system to allow me to see the problem. You are also welcome to make changes to the code and submit a patch if you can fix it yourself.