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Hello, how do I add a list of recent questions on the home page wordpress?
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Thanks for the answers, I will try. Question2answer is very good :)

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You can use Q2A Market Free Plugin Q2A - WP Pack. This includes old Snow theme and allows to get some q2a data to display on WordPress website. This plugin can be used only SSO with WordPress setup.

Q2A - WP Pack: http://store.q2amarket.com/q2a-wp-pack

If you have separate Q2A on the same server (without SSO with WordPress) then you can use Q2A Market another script Q2A-Pull. You can find on Q2A Market Github repositories. Just include this into your WP functions.php or anywhere so it can be loaded functions. You will find documentation on readme file.

Q2A - Pullhttps://github.com/q2amarket/q2a-pull


I did it, but they are blank. theme is distorted
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I use RSS plugin for this. Wordpress has a super nice RSS display plugin for free and with tabs. You can see the working here - sidebar lower bottom:

+1 Oh yeah, this is the easiest and quick solution.