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can you add bad words filter in admin panel?

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It's a good idea. I'm afraid it won't make it into version 1.0, but I've put it on the roadmap.
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You could modify the code to add this in yourself, I did something similar. Here's how:

1. Add a function, e.g. "qa_content_format" to qa-util-string.php to format the string. In your case you might have something like:

    function qa_content_format($string)
        $search = array( 'shit', 'fuck' );
        $replace = array( 's***', 'f***' );
        return str_replace( $search, $replace, $string );

2. In qa-app-post-create.php call that function from the first line of the functions 'qa_question_create', 'qa_answer_create' and 'qa_comment_create' for the title and/or content, e.g.

    $title = qa_content_format($title);
    $content = qa_content_format($content);

3. Do the same in qa-app-post-update.php for the functions 'qa_question_set_text', 'qa_answer_set_text', 'qa_comment_set_text'.