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Can anybody develop word count for Question2Answer?

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asked Sep 17 in Plugins by rahulkukreja

Counting words will very helpful for the administrator to ensure SEO optimization of content. Please help me out to build such plugin which can count the words written -

My Q2A site - infofuge.com

I found this on the web -

Ajax Word Count on StackOverflow 

Can we create a plugin with PHP and Ajax with the help of the link above? Your answer will be highly appreciated.

commented Sep 18 by pupi1985
Do you need help with the development or do you need someone to fully develop that?
commented Sep 18 by rahulkukreja
Developing this plugin will be very beneficial and If anybody develops this plugin will be rewarded.

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answered Sep 19 by Ami
edited Sep 20 by Ami

If you are using the CKEditor, then you can do it by using a CKEditor plugin. Here is the documentation from CKEditor addons page.

If this is complicated for you, I have created a blog post with step by step information with screenshots. You can get all the info here . If you follow all the steps, your editor will look like below - 

Bonus - You can even download this plugin from the blog, if you are not a programmer.