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Ok so when I put some html in the section that says "Custom"  HTML at top of every page: " It actually shows in 2 places. Once way at the top and also right in the middle. I want to remove the one way at the top. How Can I do this?
this is also happening to me. When I place custom HTML in the bottom of every page, it also shows in the middle.

BTW you may want to change your title.
What do you mean by change my title?
The title of the question "Remove the bottom ad", could be changed to "Custom HTML error" or something.

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Thanks and aargh! You caught a bug in version 1.3.2 that was introduced by one of the changes. You can fix it for now by changing this line in qa-theme.php:

if (strpos($key, 'custom')===0)

... to ...

if ( (strpos($key, 'custom')===0) && ($key!='custom_header') && ($key!='custom_footer') )

Sorry about that - I'll try to release a fixed version asap.

I've just released version 1.3.3 which fixes this. Sorry again.