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adverts plugin adsense issue

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asked Aug 22, 2015 in Plugins by senseiii

I am using this plugin http://www.question2answer.org/qa/21000/info-new-plugin-simple-adverts-released 

But if I use adsense with this plugin after 3 ads it's displaying empty space, how can I fix it? 

Q2A version: 1.6.3
commented Sep 24, 2015 by jatin.soni
Let me see the issue. Please post your site URL so I can check it there too
commented Apr 16, 2016 by jatin.soni
please provide your site url so I can have a look there and will fix as I get time.

5 Answers

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answered Aug 23, 2015 by senseiii

I think we just need to add some code here ; but I couldn't find to right codei,,, Pls help


if (qa_opt('q2am_google_adsense')) {
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answered Sep 5, 2015 by senseiii
I really need this, pls help
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answered Sep 6, 2015 by SN
What I do is to use the "Widget Anywhere" plugin: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-widget-anywhere

It allows you to create a Widge where you want, and you can put your ads in that widget.
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answered Sep 23, 2015 by senseiii

@ShNaYkHs thanks for answer but I can not add adsense codes to between questions with that plugin 

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answered Apr 15, 2016 by senseiii
I just want to display 3 ads ,, is it not possible?