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[New Plugin] Simple Ads Manager - Its FREE!

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asked Jul 27, 2014 in Plugins by ProThoughts

This plugin will allow you to add advertisements in the below listed spots. You can use Google adsense or any HTML ad code.

  • ad after menu navigation bar, just after horizontal line.
  • ad after question, just before answers.
  • ad after all answers, just before related questions.
  • ad after all questions.

Admin Interface

Download Plugin (Its FREE!)



Plugin is active on http://q2a-dev.prothoughts.com


You can also use below two plugins for placing ads on your Q2A site.

https://github.com/q2amarket/q2am-simple-adverts (This plugin contains different ad spots than above)




commented Jul 27, 2014 by Ami
Nice Plugin @Prothoughts
commented Jul 27, 2014 by Waterfr Villa
Thank you  @Prothoughts
commented Jul 29, 2014 by rgd
Very useful one. Thank you @ProThought
commented Jun 10, 2015 by univ211b
@ProThoughts: how can I use HTML code when the code from the ads is mostly javascript?

2 Answers

+3 votes
answered Aug 2, 2014 by Ami
Very helpfull plugin for me . Thaks a lot for the plugin .
+1 vote
answered Aug 8, 2014 by rgd

After I added this plugin I lost voting buttons and all other question information. Please help me to reshow those info.


commented Aug 10, 2014 by rgd
@ProThoughts Thank you.
commented Aug 16, 2014 by ProThoughts
fixed this issue.
commented Aug 23, 2014 by ProThoughts
Released new version of this plugin.
commented Aug 23, 2014 by rgd
Thank you very much.