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I search a plugin for add a upload button on ma qa website

I have try a lot of tricks but they don't work.

I wan't a very simple button : when we click on it we upload an image on the server and this image show on the editor. 

I have try to add Button on Markdown editor but postimages.com have update his service and i don't have the addform.html

I have try to download plugin and modify ckeditor4

And the image upload on WYSIWYG Editor is to hard for my qa users 

If someone have a free and simple solution for this problem i think it will be helpfull for a lot of users

Thank, and sorry for my bad english i'm french

Q2A version: 1.7
If you want a better editor, I would advice the sceditor plugin: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/sceditor

Note: The upload feature is only premium, not in the free version.
Will elFinder work for you?
fiching site...

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i have the same problems with the editors.

We want a free and simple solution, just a button to upload an image (into a question or answer).

Do you have any idea?
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I have same problem. It would be great if markdown editor had upload feature.

I think Scott could add this feature to markdown editor.
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@tempo did you try TinymceWrapper (Miranda) yet?

It provides a complete solution to all (I hope) your editing needs. Use elFinder to drag n drop files to your server, or click image or link button on toolbar to upload stuff - pretty painless!!!!!!

@fara in Markdown mode of Miranda, you have the complete access to elFinder too, which is the best free File Browser/Manager out there.

OH! and TinymceWrapper is free, free as in free!!

i try  TinymceWrapper (Miranda) but i think that elFinder is is to hard for my qa users....
i want the best and simple solution for a user (not to me as admin)
elFinder can be customized like you have never seen. One a single word/line of init, you can strip everything that is supposedly confusing. There is nothing simpler.
can you explain more about this?  (elFinder customisation)
See official doc: https://github.com/Studio-42/elFinder/wiki/Client-configuration-options
Edit this file: www.example.com/qa/qa-plugin/tinymcewrapper/qa-elfinder.php

Or if you are lazy like me, do most everything from address bar

There are at least  15 parameters you can add to the url of qa-elfinder.php - awesome stuff!!!

Just add the correct url in your plugin options

 elFinderBrowserSettings: {
    url: tinymcewrapperPluginSrc+"qa-elfinder.php?toolbar=1",
    title: "My Awesome Media Browser"
thanks for the support but as i said before i want the best and simple solution for a user and not for an admin
I must not understand you. This setup is for the owner of the q2a to implement for the ordinary daily user to find it easy.
can you suggest me the correct customisation?
We want a simple button : when we click on it we upload an image on the server and this image show on the editor.
Question for you.
Do you want your users to have a headless interaction with the items they upload (the way Q2A does it now)?


Do you want a head? User clicks button, file manager opens up, user then uploads file, and double clicks file to insert into editor.
TinyMCE has a powerful image tool that bypasses file manager.

User just drags image straight into the Editor, and the image is uploaded.

In all, I strongly advise against allowing users to upload headlessly. Always go through a file manager. It's simple enough.
At this moment, because of time, I only support going through a file manager.
The file manager has two buttons already there for you, [image, link], on the toolbar. Click either one to open file manager - that's easy enough.
i want a button "add image", the user select image from his/her drive and the image is visible into a question or answer.

info: TinyMCE is different than  TinymceWrapper (Miranda)? How can i install TinyMCE to q2a?
TinymceWrapper is 100% TinyMCE!!!
To achieve what you want, without elFinder, please see the link above I posted. It'll guide you how to setup direct upload from use's computer to your server.

Also, there is http://justboil.me/ which has done all the work for you.
sorry but i don't know about editors.

you said:
1) i can use TinyMCE. Great but how can i install and use TinyMCE into q2a?
2) i can use this https://www.tinymce.com/docs/configure/file-image-upload/ or this http://justboil.me/ ?
i installed this plugin....next?
Go to http://justboil.me/ and download that TinyMCE file upload plugin.
Please read his instructions. It's not my plugin so I can't answer questions about it.

When you are directed to implement what you read... You'll find the TinymceWrapper Q2A admin options very useful and revealing.