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Posting as a separate post for the release of TAG Search plugin. This allows tag(s) to be input similar to selecting tags for posting the questions. Questions are selected only if ALL the matching tags are present (AND condition).


Nice work... I wish I would be able to try this...
It works well now though can be made better by using AJAX. If its required I'll do that...
You said it can be used now, so can it be used in website having more than 5K tags?
Actually my website has a lot of tags...
Actually all tags are being sent to the browser now - same as on an Ask page. So the issue is say with 5000 tags and each taking about 5 bytes this adds an overhead of 25 kB which is like a small image. Nothing to be worried about. I'll fix this on next version or if anyone reports an issue. You can try and let me know if there is any issue.
Version updated- now AJAX call is used for tag retrieval. So, can be used on any site :)

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