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This is premium paid plugin that structures tags page like stackoverflow. It allows admins add/edit descriptions to each tags, and allows users to follow tags and structure their feeds with followed-tags questions. It is tested on qa 1.8.0. PM me if you interested, for price and payment options.

Plugin name:  Tag Extra

Price: 30 USD (PM me to buy)

What Plugin Does:

- It adds a follow button for each tag. So, users can follow/unfollow tags.

- It adds a search filter at tags page where you dynamically search tags.

- It adds a add/edit button for each tag which is visible only for admins. The button adds/edits description for each tag.

- It adds "My Feed" tab onto question list pages. "My Feed" tab shows the list of questions with only tags that the user follows.

What Are Admin Settings:

- Admin can determine which user levels are authorized to see add/edit descriptions for tags.



standard username: deneme_11

pass: test1234

username: demo

pass: demo1234

Q2A version: 1.8.0
can this plugin have icon for every tag !
1- is that compatible with https://www.question2answer.org/qa/24331/new-plugin-advanced-tag-descriptions-plugin ?

2- Suggest: is it possible to give access users who can control (choose who can post,refuse post,only let tag owner that can add/edit) tags.

Second feature make a difference for qa.

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