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This is premium paid plugin that structures tags page like stackoverflow. It allows admins add/edit descriptions to each tags, and allows users to follow tags and structure their feeds with followed-tags questions. It is tested on qa 1.8.0. PM me if you interested, for price and payment options.

Plugin name:  Tag Extra

Price: 30 USD (PM me to buy)

What Plugin Does:

- It adds a follow button for each tag. So, users can follow/unfollow tags.

- It adds a search filter at tags page where you dynamically search tags.

- It adds a add/edit button for each tag which is visible only for admins. The button adds/edits description for each tag.

- It adds "My Feed" tab onto question list pages. "My Feed" tab shows the list of questions with only tags that the user follows.

What Are Admin Settings:

- Admin can determine which user levels are authorized to see add/edit descriptions for tags.



standard username: deneme_11

pass: test1234

username: demo

pass: demo1234

Q2A version: 1.8.0
can this plugin have icon for every tag !
1- is that compatible with https://www.question2answer.org/qa/24331/new-plugin-advanced-tag-descriptions-plugin ?

2- Suggest: is it possible to give access users who can control (choose who can post,refuse post,only let tag owner that can add/edit) tags.

Second feature make a difference for qa.
icon for each tag is not available in this version. I can add it if you will buy it.
1) I have not tested advanced-tag-descriptions plugin. If it adds description at tag or tags pages, then it might not be compatible.
2) no it does not do it. When you say each tag will have one "tag owner" who will controls posts with that tag, many things will be needed to modify. With basic example, how you want to determine who is tag owner of which tag, especially in non-fresh start q2a. For this kind of workflow, you will need more comprehensive modification.

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