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In the world of Q2A, I wear three different hats, each with its own set of needs:

  • As a plugin developer, I need a simple and extensible way to show custom notifications to users
  • As a theme developer, I need to easily integrate notifications plugins to my themes
  • As a user, I need to see my notifications in a simple and fast way (including RTL and mobile)

So I decided to develop a plugin that would tackle these 3 issues.

The main plugin features are:

  • Generates notifications for users based on Q2A's events (e.g. an answer is added to a user's question)
  • Efficient database access
  • Avoids many database accesses by utilizing the core's built-in caching mechanisms (memcached is, by far, the fastest)
  • Allows plugins to extend the notifications from the core easily
  • Allows themes to replace the look and feel of the plugin
  • Tracks read/unread notifications
  • The built-in UI and the internal notification tracking logic are decoupled

Even though the features might sound a bit "technical" take into account 2 out of the main needs I mentioned above are mainly intended for developers. This will allow other developers to extend and integrate with this plugin easily.

By the way, this is what the built-in UI looks like:

You can give it a try downloading it from the GitHub project page.

Q2A version: 1.8.0+
Thank you Pupi for this great contribution. Unfortunately we can't check it on our site for next 3 weeks but will do it immediately afterwards.
Nice work @pupi1985! Thank you for all your contributions to Q2A!
Tried on Our website it's cool
Hi @pupi1985,

It's really nice work from you! I would also like to request if you could integrate the Push notification feature using Firebase with this FNS.

Link for the Push notification plugin is given below:


Thank you

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