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I'm not a theme developer still curious to know if there is any specific reason to keep the width of the SnowFlat theme (.qa-body-wrapper) to "1024px"? Changing this to 100% makes the display much better on my laptop. I suppose 90% width might be good for all situations. Or is there something I'm missing?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
Well I you can surely do that. But I would personally like to have menu on the left as all social media websites have. That way complete screen is filled and the design also doesn't turn bad.
yes, I guess a left sidebar makes sense, it can then display "template" specific stuffs on it--like question specific or question list specific-- and say right sidebar can be fixed across all templates. I'm trying to make a custom home page and came across this issue. Will see how this turns out.. Thanks :)
I am glad that you liked my idea... :)
:) Thanks...

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