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The user hovercard plugin by Q2A Market will show a profile card when you hover on avatar or username link on Question2Answer website.

The plugin is simple and works just like plug and play. it doesn't have any customization option at the moment but will be added in future version.

The hovercard will show below data from the user profile

Download From Here


  • User avatar
  • Username
  • Full name
  • User level
  • Member since
  • Points
  • Location
  • Rank
  • Profile link
  • Private message link
  • Website link
  • Upvoted
  • Down voted
  • Upvote received
  • Down vote received
  • Answers selected
  • Answers got selected
  • Total questions count
  • Total answers count
  • Total comment count


Check out demo here


It is a plug and plays plugin with no fancy installation steps require.

  • Download the zip file
  • Extract it
  • Place it into the  qa-plugin  directory


User Guide

This is a plug and plays plugin. Just download and unzip folder and place into the qa-plugin  directory.


No options are available.


If you have any issue with the plugin, please post your issue in forums support section with user-hovercard Topic Tags


The plugin has the future roadmap and will be published soon in a couple of weeks.

Love, love, love this plugin. It's perfect, has no issue running on the latest SnowFlat or 1.7.4. Looking forward to future updates and the potential this plugin has.

Thank you so much
Does this plugin still exist? Where can I download it?

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very good...thank you for sharing.

is a shame because i can´t run the plugin .. i need php 5.6 crying

For any issue or support please post here http://question2answer.club/forums/forum/support/plugin-support/ with user-hovercard tag. I may try to provide legacy support till PHP 5.2 but not so sure.
I have added legacy support till PHP 5.2. You can download again. From now any issue please post on mentioned URL in the previous comment.
Thank you very much you make a great work :D
i m using php 5.7
Latest update supports php 5.2+ so there should not be a problem with 5.7.
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The plugin uses Animate.css and it contains an animation named "shake" which conflicts with that used in the SnowFlat style sheet. The activity count widget uses it and installing the plugin breaks the hover effect. So I'd suggest you come up with your own version of Animate.css that uses a different name to fix it.

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I agree with Ziad 

Also in Persian language, usernames get mixed 

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I have big problem with this plugin.
After upload to my site plugins, it shows error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in q2amar
ket-user-hover-card/inc/functions.php on line 89

Any help, please? 

This is line 89 from this file:

function uhc_card_avatar( $args = [], $size = 100 )


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I installed You plugin on my site, but it’s not showing anything.
Maybe there is something important to change depends on theme which I’m using ?
WHere I need to make some changes? In which file ? Can You help me, please? 
Here is my site: http://www.fandoms.pl .


That's why themes should not change CSS classes output from the core. On the other hand, the core should not output HTML at all but that's a different topic. A better fix would be to fix the theme so that it doesn't override the core's classes. For example, instead of replacing qa-avatar-link with king-avatar-link it could just add the new class (king-avatar-link) so that the tag has both classes (king- and qa-). That should be 100% backwards compatible with the current theme and would allow this and future plugins to be more compatible with the theme.
I made this change as You wrote @Ziad, but it's still not working :(
It's working with the profile icons beside each post image actually which is not that bad.  The plugin doesn't inherently support other links like those in the ranking list so that will need some deeper modifications. May be you should contact the author on this website because he doesn't seem to be active here.
Oops...I meant his* website(or forum thread rather) here: http://question2answer.club/forums/forum/support/plugin-support
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Hello Jatin and everybody,
Can You help me with Your hovercard plugin ?

It’s working good on my userslist, and as profile image on question list, but it’s not working for side blocks elements, like ranking and online list.

Could You check this , please? - site: www.fandoms.pl

I think it’s necessary to edit q2am-user-hover-card-layer.php file, with new rule, to set up working with output_widget function.