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The update is minor but, I think it will help everyone. The main update is that YouTube and Vimeo videos will be responsive. Previous to this, no matter what screen size you are using, the videos used to be of fixed length and size. With this update you can watch video on any screen and the video will adjust itself to fit the screen.


This is my first contribution to Q2A community with any form of coding so I wish that you like it. :)

Desktop View

Mobile View

Compatibility: Q2A 1.8 beta-1
                         SnowLight Theme

Change Log

  • [21-11-2017] Linked CSS file properly, Fixed a problem for YouTube videos not showing on websites with SSL

You can get plugin here. Download

I haven't changed much of coding so it should work perfectly but in case of any damage I won't be liable for any kind of compensation. You'll have to use this plugin at your own risk, so try it out at your localhost first.

Great! This will be helpful plugin. Add support for other services also.
Good to know that you liked it. I am fairly new to programming so with time I'll try to bring more things to the table.
Nice one Gurjyot. Keep it up!
@Gurjyot Singh, every contribution is important for Q2A, even if it is small. Explore other plugins for learning. All the best!
Thanks a lot @pupi1985, good to know that you also commented and appreciated my work.
@q2a.info I know what you are saying and I'll try my best to contribute more with time... :)
Nice update Gurjyot Singh! Keep it up!
excelent this is that i was searching

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Now below plugin page is pointing to yours because it is better than old one. Also added you in authors list, check sidebar.

Thanks for adding it on your website... :)
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A bit of context for this answer would be nice.