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with the help of Pedro Silva (scorch), creator of this wonderful plugin I could make improvements and repairs to work better than ever. are:
1. repaired to work with the internal database
2. PARSIN t_class unexpected errors repaired
3. repaired to recognize user names that contain numbers and symbols example: @user_14 @user-12 @user2
4. repaired and enhanced to support multiple mentions in the same post, comment, question, answer, will you mention 20 users at the same time? it is now possible!
5. built-in button to delete all mentions to the same time on the page /mentions
6. postid null database error repaired to mention in a comment of a question
7. and others who do not remember at this time.


8. fix bug undefinided variables posid and time thanks to noahy, and add compatibility with q2a-comment-ajax by NoahY

all credits to pedro silva (scorch) created this wonderful plugin.

please to avoid errors, upload all files at same and one time, or better yet, upload the entire folder at one time

Now I would like and would be helpful to everyone, that someone MAKE a plugin to automate the system and create an internal notification system.

the plugin do the next:

when you click on reply or comment automatically inserted into the text box and wysiwyg-editor, the user name of the person who wrote the question or who you are replying to the comment.

something like: "@username"

with this plugin you can create an automatic internal notifications

dowload mention-notifer overpower:


To install:

1. import .sql file in to your mysql database

2. copy mention-notifier plugin in qa-plugin of your q2a

3. go to layout and add the plugins
the link you provided http://dl.dropbox.com/u/590349/mention-notifier-overpower.zip doesn't work now, can you reupload and update the new link?
Please help, that link you provided doesn't work now.
And the old code could not work for "Chinese Language" , is there any way to resolve it ?
Broken download link,  Please help.

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Does it work with Wordpress integration yet?
@NoahY: Do you still have the source code of the plugin? It seems not to be available anymore. I checked also your github repository https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-email-notification which is empty.
which plugin?
"Mention-notifier plugin" ... i thought you might have called it q2a-email-notification?
I never finished it... just used buddypress instead... email notification is built into the admin  plugin, sending emails to admin on every post.