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I liked this plugin (original plugin is by NoahY) a lot and always wanted to use this but due to image badges, I always thought not to use it just yet. Finally, I got some time to edit this plugin and fix it work well.

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  1. Image markers are removed and font awesome icons are used.
  2. Due to custom CSS you can style the icons as you like
  3. Instead of the same icon with different color for all roles, now there are different icons for different roles
  4. Instead of using just an icon, now you can use complete member designation as well
  5. Option to change icons from font awesome icons library.
  6. Some previously unused code is removed.
  7. Instead of showing icon before name, now it shows after the name like in Facebook


  1. Q2A 1.8 beta-1 (haven't checked with previous versions)
  2. Compatible with SnowLight theme


  1. This plugin is not tested with external users and it can create some issue. So be careful while using it with external users. 
  2. Out of box, the plugin will only give icons to play with. If you want text (like "Moderator") then you'll have to add that yourself in plugin options.
  3. There is some alignment issue on Top users page so use it if you are ok with that issue for now.
  4. Images have been removed to keep load time minimal and it's quite easy to use different icons
  5. Although this plugin has been tested to work on a production website, if still anything breaks on your side then I won't be liable for any kind of compensation. You'll have to use this plugin at your own risk, so try it at your localhost first.

Download Plugin

If you like the plugin then please leave your comment below. Also if you would like to see any changes?

I dont see icons in front of user name, can you please check

Well I visited your website and reset the plugin. It worked ;)
Cool! Thanks!
You are doing great job. Thanks.
Thank you for your kind words... :)

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