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What do you think of my Q2A forum on  http://mathsgenius.co.za/qa ? I am struggling to get engagement and could use suggestions from you guys. 

What can I change or improve in order to attract more users and retain those who visit? Any suggestions are welcome, thank you.

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I opened your site, and I have a little very marginal observation.
First line, first word, big bold letters. STEM Support Forum...
and not one, neither you or any of your 4600+ registered users, noticed that is should be STEAM.?!?!

Thanks, rectified :)
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  1. Customize the design dude.
    1. Change navbar icons.
    2. Install new SCE editor skin
    3. Change color palette
    4. Redesign Stats plugin
  2. Remove or select another Social Share plugin
  3. Simplify sidebar, it's too long with too many options
Best wishes.
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
By the way, where do I get the  new SCE editor skin?
You can also modify skins by changing css files of the plugin.
Path: qa-plugin\q2apro-sceditor-free\themes
Thanks a lot, appreciated.
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site looks bit overloaded for me. also it is taking more time to load.

  • organize sidebar.
  • reduce ads
  • see if you can place quote of day in sidebar.
  • q2a-rss-feed-master plugin is showing error for me
  • check mobile and tablet view of site