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Is there any good signature plugins that will allow users to easily add HTML in their signature without having to know how to write html?

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try adding ckeditor to below plugin.

I tried that one, allows me to create signatures but doesn't give me any HTML functionality.  If I use the ckeditor, it gives me the ckeditor text area and then it also gives me a separate signature area.  If I create an HTML signature with the ckeditor, when I go to copy into the signature field it doesn't carry over the HTML with the signature.
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(When using ckeditor with the q2a-signatures plugin) if you select ckeditor to use for your signature editor, it will give you the ckeditor box above the signature box.  When you type in the ckeditor box, it does not populate the signature box area.  So once you get your signature filled out using the ckeditor you have to copy and paste into the signature box area, but the problem with this is you lose your HTML formatting because it only paste plan text, no HTML.  Is there an editor that works better with the signature plugin (q2a-signatures)?  Or is there a different signature plugin that works better?  I need something easy for my website users that don't really understand HTML but want a nice signature.