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Hello Folks,

Finally, we have upgraded brand new website design with great membership option.

We are now in the process of boost up our production on regular basis, which you will see in near future. For now, this is the call for you to say what you want to have in Q2A Market upcoming theme.

Let us know the feature you wanted so long to have in your theme. We will try our best to make it in our upcoming theme.

Q2A version: 1.7

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great! Please come up with some new themes. May be you can look into below two upcoming platforms theme for design ideas. They are getting very popular.


I m already building a new theme like flarum but more beautiful. Still in developing but close to finish it.
@UI-UX-DESIGNER, nice! please share once you are done! thanks!
Sure i will.
Well, the idea is good, but our concern is always about more clean and better readability. However, I couldn't find better readability with any of these. Neither forum nor discourse.

Fancy design and layout with rich jquery library are good, but I learn one thing by Google, and few personal experience that is less is more.

The suggestion is good and so won't deny and will try to implement good stuff from their layout and design.
Thanks for your input. I will try best to make it more unique.
I agree with jatin. Less is always more as i am a mininalist ux/ui designer and always build user interfaces with that in mind. However some new standards like google's material design are now a must for new themes. This is my opinion ofcourse. I m very experienced on building web and mobile interfaces and im  always interesting to new challenges and projects. So if you need any help Jatin do let me know. Cheers

Yes, I agree with you. Google Material Design will be the base of the upcoming theme. Sounds interesting to know that you are interested working with the project. Let's get on PM.
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Q2A Market is on the move with the theme development. We are as excited as you all to see this theme in action. See where the development progress. Click to view

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