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How to build traffic in a starter q2a website?

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asked Jun 21, 2017 in Q2A Core by lipsmega
Hi! I would like to create this question/topic for us to share some tips on how to build and generate traffic for starter q2a websites!

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answered Jun 22, 2017 by Bùi Lê Chí Bảo
edited Jun 23, 2017 by Bùi Lê Chí Bảo
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I don't have much experience about SEO or such advertising, but I hope these tips which I learned when building my QA site could help you:

- You should ask and answer by yourself using guest accounts or your clone account.

- You shouldn't copy/grab entire contents from any QA website such as StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers,... Instead, you should create question with same title but different answers or some "copy-writing" tricks.

- Invite your friends to join (and help you building too!).

- Improve your website's SEO by building great content, backlinks or any ways you know.

- And as Donox Btz Gvr mentioned, you can also using online advertisement such as Facebook Ads.

- And be slow, it may takes 1 month or more before you can reach your user.

EDIT: - For building contents, bulk data imports,... you could use BCG Bulk Content Generator plugins.

Good luck to you!

commented Jun 22, 2017 by lipsmega
tnks! I will focus on building content with bots. my main worry is that qa sites usually have thin content, specially at beginning - so its hard to rank high on google... or am I wrong? do you prefer niche or go general? share your qa site with us! :)
commented Jun 23, 2017 by Bùi Lê Chí Bảo
- My priority at beginning was build niche content, try to reach users by creating the most hottest, high-quality question.
- Thin content doesn't matter, at that time I just need quality not quantity. When my site's ranking is good, the user will build the site with both general and niche content.
In short: Niche content first!
Oh yes, and here is my QA site: lop67.tk/hoidap (Vietnamese - Education site)
commented Jun 23, 2017 by lipsmega
edited Jun 23, 2017 by lipsmega
tnks for your tips! amazing site desing! I will have to use this default theme in my q2a while Im not sure if it will generate some revenue =/ my niche will be body building, its something that i like to write about, theres a huge market here in brazil and I can get some backlinks as I have other sites.
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answered Jun 21, 2017 by Donox Btz Gvr
you can start with facebook ads but the most important thing are making a good SEO.

Make good links to your site in sites with hight autority.

And make minimum 10 ask at the day.
commented Jun 22, 2017 by lipsmega
tnks! so the main rules of building traffic still aply here!